Amazing strategy in Civilization style


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Conquests is a turn-based strategy game along the same lines as Civilization; in it, players will put themselves at the helm of one of ten available civilizations and lead it towards world conquest...or at least to survive over the course of the centuries.

Gameplay is almost identical to other similar games, such as FreeCiv or C-Evo, both also available on Uptodown. Basically, players have to build cities and manage them while taking into account factors such as population, labor, money, etc. Once a city is founded, you have to build different types of buildings or recruit units in order to continue improving.

You will also need to build military units to defend your civilization from attacks from your rivals; or, if you deem necessary, to attack other civilizations with your units. You can thus occupy their cities and keep their resources.

An average game on Conquests can last about ten hours, but they'll be ten hours of pure strategy in which you must take all elements from your civilization into account to make the most of them.

Conquests is a truly fascinating 4X real time strategy game which will especially appeal to fans of the Civilization saga.
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